Get involved and lets mobilise the nation to support local small business

Small Business Friday encourages all South Africans to go out there and support local small businesses. It’s a one-day high action drive on the first Friday of Spring every year, to celebrate and recognise the importance of the small business community. Go BIG by supporting small business. 

"Small Business Friday is all about supporting your
local small businesses on the first Friday of Spring and beyond."

Get involved

Make a lasting difference to your community and South Africa by supporting small businesses in your area. With your support small business will be able to employ more, therefore reducing rates of unemployment and harvesting the entrepreneurial spirit.

Tell us what you plan to do leading up to and on Small Business Friday. 


Share your pledge on social media and encourage others to do the same.


Make a point to go out and support your favourite local businesses. 


Keep the momentum going and keep supporting small business.


5 reasons to support small business

  • It's convenient as they're in your local community
  • They offer that personal touch 
  • They often offer unique products / services
  • You’ll be making a positive impact on the economy 
  • Your purchase has a positive impact on the business owner, the employees, their families and the community

5 ways to get involved in #SmallBizFriday

  • Pledge your support here
  • Share your pledge on social media and inspire others to get involved
  • Follow us on social media and become a small business activist
  • Visit your favourite small businesses on 1 September - Small Business Friday
  • Keep the momentum going and dedicate yourself to supporting small businesses all year round

5 ways to get your business involved 

  • Pledge your support here
  • Share what you're up to on social media using #SmallBizFriday
  • Create a #SmallBizFriday promotion
  • Connect with other small businesses in your community
  • Get listed on the NSBC National Small Biz Network
  • Do something unique /host your own Small Business Friday event on 1 September 2017

Be inspired

Be inspired by the lives and  stories of some of South Africa's small businesses and entrepreneurs as we celebrate their journeys and the impact they are having in their communities. 


"Every big adventure starts with a baby step".


Oembotu Travel

Meet the
Johannesburg Squirrel



From domestic   worker to successful business owner ...

Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream

"Everybody deserves
to be happy."

"Supporting local small business grows local communities, drives job creation and ultimately builds the nation. " 

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